About Exakt

Exakt Fijnmechanika is a specialised supplier of precision components and systems. Our customers come from the well-known high-tech markets as well as the medical industry, the semiconductor industry, the optical industry and the instruments branch. A less known market that plays an important role for Exakt is that of clockwork parts. We deliver a great number of clockwork parts to external customers as well as to our affiliate, Van der Gang Watches. These clockworks meet the highest standards as far as dimensioning and finish are concerned.

In our historical compound outside Dokkum's city center we have created modern workshops after intensive renovation work. They offer our staff the perfect facility to work on the most sophisticated assignments. Exakt Fijnmechanika is known as specialist in small and very small products. Minimal tolerance, high quality standards for surface and working, and a 24/7 production require craftmanship and an optimized process.
Since we first started our company more than twenty years ago we have been focussing on quality without any concessions. This translates into satisfied long-term customers and confidence to meet the needs of new customers.

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